Mold-Making Workshop for Ceramics

As one of the rewards available in my Kickstarter campaign, I will be hosting a 2-day mold-making workshop in my new Brooklyn studio!

The workshop will focus on plaster mold-making (one, two, or three-piece molds), with instructions on slip casting and clay pressing methods for creating accurate reproductions. 

Each student must bring one or two objects (depending upon complexity) to recreate with a mold. Before the workshop, I will discuss specific details with individual students via e-mail. 

Points of interest:
*How to divide an object into parts for plaster mold making
*How to build and seal mold walls
*How to prepare the plaster
*Slip casting techniques
*Clay pressing techniques

If interested, please visit my Kickstarter page, or e-mail me at 

Capacity : 4 students
Dates: Saturday 5/6/17 and Sunday 5/7/17
Time: 12am - 4:30pm
Location:  67 35th Street
Floor 2, Suite C239
Brooklyn, NY 11232

All materials included.
Refreshments will be served.