Micòl Hernández was born in Elche, Spain. At the age of 18 she traveled to Valencia to study Ceramic Sculpture at the School of Arts and Design with Spanish sculptor Enrique Mestre. After graduating, Micòl founded Denebola Studio with fellow Spanish ceramicist Cristina Suarez.

In 2003 Micòl moved to Italy to study tiling at the Gaetano Ballardini Ceramic Art Institute of Faenza.

Afterwards she returned to Spain to begin her personal career as an artist. In addition to long hours in the studio, Micòl attended various workshops in art centers around Europe. Her travels included courses in several cities in Spain, as well as artist residency programs in London and Denmark.

Micòl has an extensive career as an art teacher. She has taught in workshops, art centers, and schools, always with the clear objective of promoting contemporary ceramics in society. Micòl is also passionate about helping young women get started in the arts, and about encouraging and support women in business.

In 2010 Micól moved to New York City, where she currently lives and works.


When I was a young child in Spain, my mother owned a flower shop. Every month, we would take a trip together to a small nearby village where most of the people made a living by selling simple, handmade pottery. In this village, my mother and I would visit different potters and purchase a variety of styles to sell back in her shop. I remember how magical it seemed, how these potters took wet clay and transformed it into an infinite array of colorful, useful objects. 

While watching one old potter at work in his shop, I remarked to my mother how much I would love to learn this magical skill. The potter, overhearing me, generously invited me over to his wheel. There, he explained the very basics of how throwing works, and let me move the clay with my tiny hands. All this happened in the space of a couple of minutes, but it had a profound effect on me. I knew I needed to work with clay. 

Years later, I began to study art seriously in high school, and went on to university to study ceramic sculpture. After university, I attended several artist residency programs around Europe to pursue my work with sculpture. In 2010, I moved to New York City. During my time in New York, I became fascinated with tableware and decorative homeware, and began experimenting more and more with these types of objects in my work. In September, 2015, I started a new company, Micòl Ceramics, to share my work with the world. 



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I put a lot of love and hard work into every piece I make. I apply the same dedication in making sure every customer of Micòl Ceramics is thrilled with their purchase. 

Due to their handmade nature, each item is unique and will vary slightly. These variations are part of the beauty of hand-crafted pieces. However, if you feel you have received a defective item, please contact me with a description of the issue. If I determine that the product is defective I will provide a replacement or store credit.

Items may be returned for store credit within 7 days of customer's receipt of the package. Micòl Ceramics does not issue refunds for any reason. 

All items must be in new condition and with all original packaging to be eligible for return. Original shipping charges are non-refundable, and the customer is responsible for return shipping costs. Return shipping must include tracking. 

Custom orders are final and not eligible for exchange. 

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