Though Micòl Ceramics makes a wide variety of home products, Micòl Hernandez is truly a sculptor at heart! Since earning her degree in Ceramic Sculpture from the School of Arts and Design in Valencia, she has continued to pursue her artistic vision with passion and diligence.

In recent years, Micòl has focused on three main sculpture projects: “Faces,” a series of porcelain heads; “El Mar Fantastico,” a series of abstract sculptures evoking colorful undersea life with striking golden accents; and her “Seashells” collection of decorative porcelain wall pieces. For the “Seashells” wall pieces, each tiny porcelain “shell” is hand-thrown on the pottery wheel. The natural instability that occurs as the wet porcelain spins around the wheel bestows each individual “shell” with a unique form and character.

Below, please see photos and descriptions of these three sculpture projects. If you are interested in discussing an exhibit of Micòl’s sculpture at your museum or gallery, please visit our contact page and get in touch for more information!