New Stockist - New York Makers!

I'm excited to announce that an assortment of my pieces is now available for purchase on the New York Makers market! And if you register for an account, you'll get 15% off your first order!

From their website:

"New York States of Mind (NYSOM) and the NY Makers celebrate the best offerings brought to you from all corners of the State in a thoughtfully curated website and shop.

Our NY Makers team, based in NYC and Saratoga Springs, travels throughout New York to uncover what might captivate and delight you across a range of interests - from delectable foods made with locally-grown ingredients to selected works and products by artists, designers and craftsmen in and from the State."

Please visit the New York Makers market and have a look!

Wedding, Honeymoon... Now Back to Work!

Hi everyone! I recently returned to NYC from my wonderful summer trip to Europe, where I saw my family and friends in Spain, got married, and honeymooned in Italy! It was an incredible couple of months... lots of stress and anxiety in the preparations, but ultimately everything was absolutely perfect! 

Now that we're back home again, I'm getting ready for a few holiday craft fairs, applying for some gallery shows, working on some small commissions, and just generally being really busy!

Please check back in the coming weeks and months for blog updates, including info on upcoming sales, fairs, shows, and more!   

Nina Hole, ceramic sculptor, 1941-2016

I would like to take a moment to write a few words about Nina Hole, an incredible ceramicist whose unique work I have been following and admiring since we were introduced in 2009. 

Nina Hole, 1941-2016

Guldagergaard Center. A sculpture by Nina Hole can be seen on the lawn. 

I was in Denmark that year, doing a residency at the wonderful Guldagergaard International Ceramic Research Center. Nina was one of the founders of Guldagergaard, along with Priscilla Mourizen and a few other ceramics enthusiasts. 

Her monumental ceramic sculptures impressed me from the very first. She developed a totally original process of building and firing huge sculptures in the outdoors. Each of Nina's sculptures were not only stunning as a finished work of art - the process itself was a beautiful spectacle of clay and flame. 

One of Nina Hole's sculptures during firing

In addition to being a founding member of the Guldagergaard International Ceramic Research Center, Nina was also a founding member of the CLAY Museum of Ceramic Art in Denmark. She was also a member of the International Academy of Ceramics and the Danish Artist Union.

Exterior view of the CLAY museum

Another view of the museum

Interior view

Though I did not know Nina very well personally, when I heard the news of her passing I felt the loss very deeply as a woman and as a ceramic sculptor. She has left an enormous body of knowledge and work for all the world to learn from and enjoy. Please take a moment and read a bit about Nina Hole, a woman with a singularly unique vision who worked to build community and foster growth and exploration in the field of ceramic sculpture. 

Website Dedicated to Nina Hole's Work

Wikipedia Entry on Nina Hole

Sculpture in Minneapolis, MN

Nina with one of her sculptures

"Two Taarn," Boone, NC, USA