This series of garlands is inspired by the Mediterranean Sea. I spent my childhood summers on the beach. Walking hand-in-hand along the shore with my father, gathering all kinds of marine shells and putting them in a bucket.  Returning home, separating, cleaning and organizing them in glass jars.

Each porcelain "shell" is individually thrown on the pottery wheel, decorated with oxides that give soft shades of color, and finished with a feldspar glaze. The wreaths shown are approximately 10 inches in diameter. They make lovely wall hangings in your beach house or city apartment!


Simple forms finished with a delicate touch of tiny seashells. Ideal for bringing a little beach cheer to your office, or any room! These paperweights are approximately 3 inches tall.


With these pieces, I've allowed the tiny "shells" to grow in a more naturalistic way. A sinuous base is sculpted by hand and finished with shells. Reminiscent of coral reefs and other vibrant, undulating forms of marine life, these decorative forms bring the Mediterranean sea to your home.